How To View And Control Your Android phones On Desktop Computers

How To View And Control Your Android phones On Desktop Computers
How To View And Control Your Android phones On Desktop Computers

It can be useful at times to display the screen of an Android device on your computer and control it with the computer’s mouse and keyboard. Aside from gaining control of devices with dead screens, it may also be useful for improving readability, documentation and research, watching the latest TikTok videos on your PC, using mouse and keyboard on Android, or recording the Android screen.

The open source tool scrcpy provides one of the simplest ways to display and control Android devices on desktop computers. The tool’s creator recently released version 2.0 of the application.

Aside from being open source, what makes scrcpy a good option is that it requires no installation on the Android device and only a small program on the desktop PC.

The application includes several features, such as the ability to record the device’s screen even when the device is turned off, two-way copy-paste functionality, support for mouse and keyboard input, audio forwarding on Android 11 and up, and more.

Requirements to be able to use Scrcpy to view and control your Android phones on desktop computers

There are only a few prerequisites. Scrcpy requires Android 5.0 or later, but Android 11 or later is recommended because it includes audio forwarding to the desktop PC.

The Android device must have USB debugging enabled. It is an option for developers. Different manufacturers have different methods for accomplishing this. Typically, it entails repeatedly tapping on the Android device’s build number until the message “you are now a developer” appears.

On some devices, it may also be necessary to enable an additional USB debugging (Security settings) preference, which is explained here.

All that remains is to install the most recent version of scrcpy on the desktop computer. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

How To View And Control your Android phones on desktop computers Using scrcpy

  • Using a USB cable, connect the Android device to the desktop computer.
  • After that, open a command prompt window and run the scrcpy command from the application’s directory.
  • On Android, you should be prompted to accept or decline the USB debugging connection.
  • Allow it for the duration of the session or permanently.
  • After that, the Android screen appears on the screen. You can now control the Android device with the mouse and keyboard.
  • Any action performed on the PC is mirrored on the Android device.

This opens up a slew of new possibilities, such as taking screenshots, recording the screen or audio, or using the keyboard to type messages, comments, and run searches. There is a slight delay between actions performed on the desktop computer and those performed on the Android device; this means that some device activities, such as certain games that require quick reflexes, may not work as well using the provided functionality.

Note you can stillĀ  useĀ  this applicationĀ  wirelessly, as explained on the

Scrcpy developers website


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